Misaki Toyoda
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Misaki Toyoda (豊田 美咲, Toyoda Misaki)



Misaki presents herself as a calm and stoic wrestler. As shown in her match against Digger, when she's put in the Nightmare Hold by some of Digger's other teammates, she still keeps a calm and collected head.

Also, as Sakura learned the hard way, Misaki is a "sink or swim" mentor. As when Sakura tried to give up in a sparring match, Misaki refused and told her that if she didn't break out, she'd be stuck in that hold forever. That being said, Misaki is still a fair yet firm mentor, as she wanted to see Sakura succeed, and she has been in the same position as Sakura before.

It does also seem that she has a bit of a sense of humor, as she found the interaction between Sakura and Moe during their first sparring match funny and started giggling.

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Misaki was once a pop idol, but soon went to wrestling. She was mentored by Jackal Tojo, and soon became the ace of Berserk, and holds two champion titles; the Women's Champion, and the Tag Team Champion, whom she shares with Sakura.



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