Juri Sanada
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Physical attributes

Juri Sanada


Juri has fair skin, mahogany shoulder-length hair and red eyes. She is often seen in her wrestling gear which is a black and red one piece with black boots, gloves and elbow pads.

Her Miyabi attire appears to be a similar style of Berserk's, with a blue tracksuit top, the sleeves being a little lighter and matching sweatpants.


Juri seems to be rather soft-spoken, however she is cunning and knows what's going on. For example, she is willing to cover up for Elena whilst the mystery of who Blue Panther was was ongoing, lying to Jackal and saying that Blue Panther was herself when it was in fact Elena. When Rio is taken out by Blue Panther in a later episode, Misaki notices that Juri's sleeper hold was used, so it is actually rather hard to tell if it was Juri or Elena under the disguise at first.

Despite her rather devious side towards Jackal at first, Juri seems to be polite and a friendly person in general.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical PowerEdit

Juri is very powerful indeed, as it is stated that she is a higher rank than Misaki, the ace of Berserk, who is ranked #12. Therefore, Juri is capable of taking anyone out, even Misaki. However, Juri's rank in Shangri-La is unknown, but it must be between #11 and #2.




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